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Poppy flower jam

Poppy flower jam

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The poppy petals are shaken off the stamens, put in a strainer and washed with plenty of cold water.

Then drain the water put in a large bowl, add lemon juice, knead well, so the color of the jam will be more intense.

In a bowl with a thick bottom add water and sugar, boil for approx. 30 minutes until a thicker syrup is formed, froth as needed.

Add the poppy petals together with the reddish liquid, let it boil over low heat for approx. 15 minutes.

Put the jam hot in sterilized jars, cover, then place upside down, cover with a thick towel and leave until the next day. Then wipe the jars off any traces of jam, label and store in the pantry.

Good luck and good luck!

Fir bud syrup

1. Peel the fir buds and wash them well with cold water. After that, put them in an enameled pot and pour enough water to exceed the level of the buds once again their volume (two liters of water are put per kilogram of buds).

2. Boil for an hour, until well softened. After that, take the pot off the heat and leave it covered, cold, for 24 hours, in order to extract the mineral salts and aromatic oils from the buds as well as possible.

3. Squeeze the juice through a double gauze, placed on a strainer, pressing the buds to drain all the juice. After that, it is weighed and, to 1 l of juice, 1 kg of sugar and a teaspoon of lemon juice will be added. The mixture thus obtained is boiled until it begins to bind.

4. Put the warm fir syrup in bottles. Leave in the oven for five minutes, on the right heat. Finally, wrap with a blanket and leave to cool.

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