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Sift the flour into a bowl. In the middle of the mound of flour make a hole and put the yeast, salt (about a teaspoon). Hot water is poured easily and kneading begins. When the dough has formed and all the flour has been incorporated, balls are formed. Put oil in a pan (not like donuts but not just greased the pan ... a little more ... enough to be on the bottom of the pan). We flatten the dough balls by hand and put them in the pan. Bake on both sides.

Serve hot (they are the best) :)

In a bowl put the yeast, which is mixed with 2 tablespoons of flour and 2 tablespoons of warm water to obtain mayonnaise. Leave the bowl covered for 10 minutes, until the mayo starts to swell.

In a larger bowl put the flour, salt, sugar, oil and cumin and mix well. Add the mayonnaise and knead until the dough no longer sticks to your hands. Leave the dough to rise for an hour. After doubling its volume, the dough is broken into four pieces, which we spread well with the rolling pin. The roosters are fried in a pan without oil, because I have already added oil to the composition. It is preferable to use a Teflon pan. Baking does not take very long, only 2-3 minutes on each side until browned.

They can be eaten instead of bread with different foods or as a snack in various combinations.

Traditional Romanian recipes from Muntenia

Romania has a centuries-old culinary tradition, which has assimilated recipes from neighboring cultural spaces. Although we often refer to our cuisine as a unitary set of recipes and gastronomic practices, it is actually a combination of regional recipes. Romanian cuisine may not be as rich in recipes as Italian or French cuisine, but it certainly has a high degree of diversity. One of the regions rich in traditional dishes is Muntenia. Whether it's soups, stews, steaks, vegetables or desserts, this area has it all. Therefore, we invite you to discover some delicious traditional Wallachian recipes.


Coconuts are a kind of traditional glue, which impresses with its simplicity and taste. The only ingredients needed are flour, water, yeast, salt and oil. 1 kg of flour requires 300-400 ml of water and an amount of yeast as a nut.

Method of preparation

Sift the flour into a large bowl, then form a mound with a hole in the middle, resembling a volcano. In this space put salt and yeast, then add hot water gradually, as we mix. After kneading the dough well, form balls slightly larger than a tennis ball. Put a little oil in a saucepan to cover the bottom, and heat it. Flatten the balls to form a 2-3 cm thick glue and put them in the pan. Bake them on both sides, then we can serve them. You can eat both hot and cold, with foods of all kinds, or with butter, jam or jam.

Sour peasant soup with greens

Sour soups have always been loved in the south of the country. Although borscht or vinegar is also used, sour soup with greens is a delight of spring, whether it is made from fresh meat or vegetables, such as spinach or loboda. The term "zarzara" is specific to the south of the country, otherwise it is known as corcodusa. For sour peasant soup with greens we need:

  • 2 onions
  • 1 carrot
  • 2-3 potatoes
  • 1 handful of bean pods
  • 1 handful of peas
  • Broth
  • 2 greening hands
  • Salt
  • Eggs
  • lovage
  • Parsley
  • Noodles

The vegetables are washed and cleaned. In a pot, put the greens to boil, with enough water to cover them. While they are boiling, finely chop the onion and carrot, which are boiled in a soup pot, with half a tablespoon of salt. Add the diced potatoes, then the pods and peas. The soaked vegetables are passed through a sieve to drain the juice and pulp we need. When the vegetables are cooked, add the broth, noodles and vegetable juice. At the end, beat the eggs, put them in the soup and add the larch and parsley. The soup can be served both hot and cold, being tonic and tasty.

This dish has pastoral origins and combines the tastes of meat, cheese, eggs and polenta in an irresistible mixture. In addition to corn, water and salt used for polenta, the following are also used:

  • 50 g of butter
  • 4 eggs
  • 200 g pork breast
  • 1 sausage
  • 250 g of telemea

Sprinkle the malai in boiled salted water, mix, then let it boil, during which time the meat is fried in its own fat. Grease a baking dish with butter, then alternately place layers of polenta, slices of sausage, meat and grated telemea. The last layer should be polenta greased with butter. Put the dish in the oven for 30 minutes, then serve it hot, with scrambled eggs on top.

Traditional Wallachian food is delicious, but it often takes a long time to prepare. If you do not have the time or skill, there is the option of home delivery. Are you from Targoviste and you want to order something to eat? Nothing simpler, thanks to online applications. Try the traditional dishes presented above and enjoy their unique taste.

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The origin of sarmales seems to be in northern China, but today they are consumed, in various variants, in many countries, especially in the Balkans. Sarmalele is the favorite dish of Romanians and there is no holiday or wedding meal without the beloved cabbage rolls stuffed with minced meat. Sarmalele can be wrapped in other types of leaves, such as stevia, vine and even spinach.

The preferred meat for the filling is the fatty pork, but a mixture of beef with pork, pork with poultry or just poultry or beef is also frequently used. Poultry and beef have the advantage that they are easier to digest and healthier. Sarmalele can also be made with fasting, with rice, pumpkin or other seeds, nuts and mushrooms.

The little ones compete with the stuffed cabbage rolls in popularity, especially in the hot season, when the good weather allows for outdoor barbecue. It is said that they appeared in our country in the 19th century, at a restaurant famous for its sausages, called La Iordachi. One day, the cook discovered that there were no more sausage mats, so he put the minced meat and rolled directly on the grill. Their success was immediate, and today the little ones are stars of Romanian cuisine. They are made small from pork, beef, mutton or a mixture of meats.

The juice and fat from the small ones, in combination with the garlic, give the irresistible taste, and the baking soda enhances it and makes the meat more digestible. There was a time when baking soda was about to disappear from the composition of the little ones, due to an EU directive, but in the end a derogation was obtained and the beloved preparation remained unchanged.

What things are melting

What do the natives of the Leo sign adore to their partners. Leo natives adore their partner when they go through the filter of deep thought various things that are important to them. They like it very much when the loved one does not superficially treat the topics that interest them. Those in the Virgo sign adore their partner's ability to evolve after criticism. There are metals that melt at high temperatures, above 2000 ° C, and others that melt very easily, even at temperatures below 200 ° C. Even more remarkable, By mixing, in certain proportions, a few metals with low melting points, alloys can be obtained which have lower melting points than any of the metals. It far exceeds other crises in history, Brown said. He pointed out that serious things are happening now that the average annual temperature has risen by 0.7 degrees Celsius from 1850: Think about what will happen if the average annual temperature rises by 2 degrees Celsius from pre-industrialization.

Science projects for children on things that melt Science 2020 Prediction, observation and discovery through scientific experiments are an interesting way for children to explore and learn more about the world around them. Cristina was very concerned, in addition to everything she did for animals. I'm absolutely shocked. I didn't think it was true. Each of us was busy with something else and we didn't get to see each other. I haven't had a chance to talk to her this year. It happened that we didn't talk for 2-3 weeks and then we resumed. The tea is prepared from a teaspoon of the plant, which is infused, for ten minutes, in a cup of boiling water. When warm, add a teaspoon of baking soda to the tea. Drink after the preparation has been at rest for 4-5 hours. The daily dose is two to three cups. Dandelion melts kidney stones These are the most important things you need to know about a rotary hammer. Before choosing a different product, it is good to read reviews from other buyers to see if the rotary hammer is right for you and your needs. The glaciers are melting! 11:06. His mother died.

. I have been melting chocolate in the microwave for years, it really takes about 1 minute 100 gr of chocolate, it is good to open it after 50 seconds to chew and then let it go for another 15-20 seconds depending on how it looks. What I want to add is that I put over chocolate when I melt 2 tablespoons of oil if I use it for icing, so when you cut the cake it does not crack so easily Glaciers are usually found where the average annual temperature is below 0 degrees and snow falls in sufficient quantities. The article aims to inform you about glaciers and to reveal some interesting things that you probably did not even suspect about these colossi of compacted snow.

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban spoke today, at the beginning of the Government meeting, about the opening of the new school year. He pointed out that in most schools, the situation was good. In addition, the Prime Minister also stated that the inspectorates will monitor the situation and will intervene if necessary. The glaciers are melting! Font size: | 22-09-2020 11:29. #polulnord #setopescghetarii 7 fascinating things about Pompeii and the devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius The ice floe that surrounds Antarctica and covers an area of ​​over 900,000 square kilometers is likely to crumble because of it.

What features do you love about your partner, according to your zodiac sign

  • She says they were neighbors and helped each other. Cristina Ţopescu had to leave Antena3, and at that moment she received several job offers. After resigning, the journalist thought she would find a job, says her friend
  • When man, from an old man, becomes a new man, the son of an emperor, he feeds on the divine delight, the heavenly sweetness and feels the paradisiacal joy, he feels from here a part of the joy of Heaven. From the smallest, paradisiacal joy, he advances daily to the greatest and wonders if there is.
  • He knows things, he has preferences. Refined, distilled. He has his style. He has a plan. He builds something, he goes somewhere. He knows what he's good at. He knows what he likes, what he prefers, what suits him. Use internal resources. This kind. In general, people who know themselves are generous. They discovered the treasure.
  • It's not just men who are impressed with how we look and behave. And we, girls, should admit that there are times when men confuse us mentally. There are gestures that light us up, ways that make us forget what we were doing, where we are and what day of the month it is.

Read What melts the hearts of the zodiac signs from the story Things about the Zodiac signs by AdeeaGeorgiana (Andreeea) with 326 reads.Aries - Disney cartoon princesses.T .. Does not bend easily, does not break, and does not melt in the first extra degree of thermometers. Whether sculpted or simple, candles are personalized, for boys or girls - with tulle, with blue, green, red or pink ribbons, and decorated thematically - here only the imagination and taste of each is the limit

"The shout of the tin and 7 other fascinating things

  1. united, tender, melt in your mouth only that the dough is a bit hard to work, it breaks to the ground
  2. His knees melt like the candles of that divine hotness and sweetness, his heart leaps and he is ready to break his chest to leave, because the earth and earthly things seem to him in vain.
  3. Phurba only managed to do this three times in 2007, while Water peaked every year between 1990 and 2011. The latter says it has seen clear changes in the mountains, the cause of global warming. Snow and glaciers melt, which exposes the rock and climbing becomes more difficult
  4. In some areas of the country they are called cocoace, in others, they are called cakes or dumplings. There are breads that look like sticks, but they are fluffy and melt in your mouth. They can be eaten with salty foods, cheese, cream or meat, as well as with jams, chocolate cream or powdered sugar. If you are fasting, these cakes are perfect to be eaten with a.

The glasses or biscuits in which yogurt, margarine or sour cream are sold are for single use. It does not withstand high temperatures. If you put them in the microwave, they melt and release toxic chemicals into food. 10. Empty oven Even if you don't put anything in the microwave oven and let it run empty is not good. What happens less and less, judging by the crazy race of applications that are competing to deliver faster, cheaper. (those miseries of beef with 39 lei per portion and which melt in the mouth are thawed the televisions and the Media are interested in other things than the education of the population in favor. What the Strange Christmas gifts are given to bosses and coworkers. wrapping paper 22% of employees it I'm thinking of surprising their bosses with a Christmas present, it shows in a study by Career Builder. At the same time, about 25% of employees will it offers gifts to office colleagues. But these are not always the most successful Health and Fitness Freedom & gt Lifestyle & gt Health and Fitness What happens to you if you walk every day. Silhouette, health and mental state are influenced. By Ana Maria Marinescu, Sunday, April 15, 2018, 12:00. The last update Sunday, April 15, 2018, 12: 0 life. And in bed they become even more receptive. Here are the 14 things all men would want to hear in the bedroom: 1. I have an orgasm What man doesn't want to hear this from his girlfriend

Glaciers melt too fast - Jurnalul Nationa

  1. Since the baby is born, you have to think about what waiting list you are going to. Or something like that is not normal. From basic things like the lack of soap or toilet paper, unsafe buildings and much more, schools and kindergartens in Bucharest need a completely different organization.
  2. 10 things you need to know about using your smartphone. A fairly common myth is that, after you have bought your brand new smartphone, you will have to consume its battery to zero, in order for it to last as long as possible in the future. Stories about smartphones exploding or melting are myths.
  3. 4 things that increase desire. You can also use massage candles, which are a combination of body oils, after they melt (they only reach a temperature of 23 ° C) can be applied to the skin. You will be especially excited by those with amber, vanilla or orange flavor
  4. What do most people print on a 3D printer? It depends, everyone prints mostly what they need, from parts that break to various things around the house to car models, laser swords (Star Wars), etc. Where do we get templates? For models there are many online sites that are also free. One of them is Thingiverse
  5. eral strongly over everything it touches - just as stalactites in caves are formed
  6. Singer Elena Gheorghe made an Instagram account for her little girl shortly after giving birth. Amelie Nicole is 3 years old and already has over 12,400 followers on Instagram, who melt at every post made by her caring mother. Amelie already knows she's big, and she only wanted a gift for Children's Day.

37. How mountains form. The dynamics of tectonic plates lie at the origin of the mountains. For example, the Himalayan mountains, which stretch for 2,900 kilometers along the border between India and Tibert, began to form 40 to 50 million years ago, following the collision between the tectonic plates India and Eurasia. 38 And so I spent the next half hour trying to explain to the man how things are, in fact, that he has nothing to fear and that honey is 100% natural. I hardly managed to persuade him and, in the end, he bought only half of the quantity he had originally come for, focusing more on acacia, simply because he didn't. Which supports the theory that the curvature is supported by differences in cell type length, Harland said. Conclusion of the study. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. The story, as it so often happens with science, does not end here

Science projects for children on melting things

  1. How to drink ouzo. Some people drink it simply, with a few ice cubes in it, which melt slowly and slightly dilute the drink as you drink it. Another way to drink ouzo, probably the most popular, is to put a little ice water in it. You don't have to put a lot, because you lengthen the strength. Add a little water and then taste
  2. one. You will catch a cold much less often. Sugar produces and amplifies chronic inflammation in the body, which decreases capacity.
  3. Their meat is delicious, but like many good things, it's hard to get, especially if you don't know how to protect yourself. Well, eating such a fish is extremely simple, maybe that's why it never crossed my mind: the secret is to cut the fish on both sides, deep to the spine, the distance.
  4. These things are melting your fast fashion into textile stronger than cotton 2020 A few years ago, the New York Public Library extracted from its archives a wardrobe-type survey printed in the 1941 issue of Design for Living
  5. 5 forbidden things on an empty stomach. Prince. Marime Font. It is said that what we eat influences our health, but just as important is what we do before meals. There are a few things you should never do on an empty stomach. Here are the ones

On Friday morning I was a speaker at Creative Mornings and covered the September theme - Spectrum. I leave my speech below in written form, and at the end I put the recording, which also contains the part of questions and answers. Nothing is forever. This thing with the Spectrum and the doing of many things. The ice caps are melting, and the level of the seas and oceans is rising. In some regions, extreme weather events and rainfall are becoming more common, while others are facing extreme heat waves and drought. An intensification of these phenomena is expected in the coming decades. Your integrity. The weak cannot maintain their structural integrity for a long time, they re-melt in the daily soup. You keep your word, you say what you think, you have an obvious alignment between what you do and what you say I really like. How you move Obviously, it is not possible to ask a baby what happens, what he feels or remembers when he is born. But there are some things about the first moments in this world that are known or can be reasonably speculated by scientists.

It's not a battery and it's not direct current, but in principle things are the same. The secondary of the transformer consists of a wire so thick that we rather call it a bar, with a section around 5x10 mm2, and the consumer is a thin wire of about 2 mm, which heats up due to the very high current. For a. 4 compliments with which you can conquer your lover. what to never say Who says men are insensitive is wrong. In fact, they just want to give the impression that they are insensitive, because, in reality, they melt when they hear the compliments and their soul hurts when they are reproached for not doing something right. How do chocolate chips melt? An easy way to melt chocolate is to melt the chocolate chips. Their larger surface makes them melt faster, which makes it easier to remove them from the fire before condensation forms and you risk the chocolate being cut. There are a few things you should never do on an empty stomach. Here are the ones! Take anti-inflammatory Aspirin, parcetamol and other anti-inflammatory drugs can not be taken on. 2. At the South Pole is 90% of the world's ice. The earth has two poles: North and South. Although the sun shines brightly there, it is always cold, and the surface of the earth remains cold all the time. Even when the polar day reigns for several months in a row, the snow and ice do not melt. 3

Cristina Țopescu died

  • Here are 10 more facts about the North Pole that may surprise you: There are two North Poles Unlike the South Pole, which stretches across the continent of Antarctica, there is no land below the North Pole, but rather a floating sheet of Arctic ice, which it expands during the colder months and shrinks until mid-summer. . To complicate matters even further.
  • Childhood circling whenever someone picks up a toy, issued for
  • Biodegradable cutlery melts in food. Surprising experiment - VIDEO What can happen in the body. Jul 22, 17:22 Beneficial things, desires. Jul 20, 23:18 Reactors 3 and 4 have assembled! How are Bontea and Fodor. July 20, 9:50 p.m.

Health Cup: The most effective plants that «melt

  • on an empty stomach, and then drink a glass of lukewarm water, the body intensifies burns and contributes to them
  • I saw how glaciers melt at the poles Posted by: in Press Review 14 October 2009 251 Views 18 years ago, Uca Maria Marinescu sold her properties in the country and went out into the world to discover the philosophy of life
  • The fact that the roads in Romania literally melt under the sun is no longer a surprise to anyone. Likewise, neither the fact that they are not repaired well and new potholes are already appearing on them. But habit is no longer a solution and it is time for Romania to align with neighboring countries, where such things do not happen
  • I wanted you to praise me too. That was the last time I saw you, with my childish eyes. But as you know, dear Santa, the years pass and melt like snow

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They will have great fun and it is wonderful to have a tradition that we keep repeating every year. I think it's good to involve the little ones in the preparations for the holidays. And it's good to involve them in everything in the kitchen in general. We don't have to make them do complicated things, but we can give them easy tasks. So, here is the list of things that you stress about and that don't matter at all to your lover: Makeup and flawless hair Men appreciate the effort we put in. and they like to look at the end result, whether we do it for ourselves - as things should be - or whether it's for a two-way out. Time doesn't stand still, which means we have to keep up with it. This also applies to the interior design of our homes. You don't have to insist on keeping old furniture from the '90s, justifying yourself by the fact that it is from ancient times. We believe that everything must be in moderation and we suggest you get acquainted. 5 things to know about. PEANUT BUTTER: 1. Obtained from roasted, peeled and ground hazelnuts. 2. For a 340 g jar you need 540 peanuts. 3. He is full and rich.

Learn to melt chocolate like a pro

  1. 11 things that men prefer to keep secret 5 tips meant to ensure your online safety 5 traffic rules, which drivers violate. Here's what psychologists say about certain behaviors. How to make your child drink more water. 6 things you need to know before you can.
  2. I don't even want to imagine what it will be like when I'm asked, I'll cry. I'm going to be stone and then I'm going to melt. But I think that ring will stay on my finger, I will not lose it, because I have a mole fixed on the ring on which the wedding ring and the engagement ring are located and I always think that it is a sign
  3. Irresistible offers for jewelry and fancy accessories! Between July 18 and August 31, 2008, Meli Melo-Paris is waiting for you with prices up to 75% lower for the spring-summer 2008 collection
  4. helicopters that melt when hit by missiles (II) Category: News Published: Tuesday, 24 December 2019 09:35 Written by Emilian Mirea Views: 866 In 1990, Radu Berceanu was the second president of CPUN Dolj, after Marin Nisipeanu , and participated in the events of December 1989, having, later, rich
  5. They are so called in this classification for the simple fact that they are more sour, less sweet. Regarding their combination, it is advisable to mix only fruits of the same category, to combine sweet fruits with semi-acidic fruits or semi-acidic fruits with sour fruits, the combination of sweet and sour fruits.
  6. Yes, I am alone now, but my heart is going in one direction. Let's see what will happen, according to the source quoted above. Last year, Otniela Sandu participated in the Farm. A new beginning, a show that was won by Marius Crăciun, after he defeated the K1 fighter Cătălin Moroşanu in the final. In addition to the title of.
  7. They melt in the mouths of what they are. December 2, 2019, 6:17 p.m. Oana Şlemco. Become a fan. Five things you should never do after dinner. The strangest job Giani had in Las Fierbinți.

You write so beautifully, eloquently and you have such a talent for describing feelings that you don't even know how upset I am that the article ends! I also received advice that we will not get rid of the child until 10 years old if we take him to bed with us, that you see, these babies are some ambushes who are just waiting to take advantage of you and do only what they want. and when you talk about us. We all like to hear beautiful words from our loved ones. But there are some more special ones. Men simply it melt when I hear them. Here is the list of these special phrases: 1. I feel safe with you. One of the main functions of the man - is to protect his family. That is why it is important for him to [Tudor gave an interview to Gazeta Sportulor at the end of last year in which he talked about the most important things in his life. 1. The story of the chance meeting with Becali in the church I was shocked, I saw him (n.r. Gigi Becali) in the pew, 30 centimeters from me, he had come to share

1. How it forms - 10 interesting things about the glacier

Unfortunately, most women simply do not understand that it is often about the most common things that they most likely possess, without realizing it. Here are: 1. Your look. Don't ask why, but most men really melt when a woman looks at them. All the time I felt like I had a lucky star and the name, which comes from the Bible, from Otniel, I think had a contribution. And related to acting, I think things didn't connect faster just for me to learn some things. In the last two years I have experienced a lot on this sentimental and vulnerable side and I think I stayed from childhood. What great things and what beautiful thoughts are hidden in a kiss. God forbid you get in people's mouths they make you a hundred times worse than you were, or as many times better than you are

Ludovic Orban, about starting schools: In the biggest

Because glaciers are melting, scientists estimate that 2/3 of the population of these species will disappear by 2050. Fortunately, efforts to protect these animals have led to restrictions on sport hunting of these animals, therefore, hopefully the polar bear population will not. Then I think that all this will end, that all will pass and that I will miss the busy days and maybe I will even get bored without them. But in the meantime, let's remember a few things we miss after we became parents, things that have changed enormously and that we didn't appreciate properly when they did. As a result of the statements made by the mayor of Medias, former PSD member, then former PD member, then again former PSD member and current PNL member, accusing me of not doing anything for Medias, I answer punctually what things I did for from Medieş and implicitly for all the inhabitants of Sibiu County, from the position of Minister of Tourism, during. 3 things never come back: time, word and chance. 3 things are insecure in life: power, luck and wealth. 3 things not to be lost: peace, hope and dignity. 3 things destroy man: wine, pride, and wickedness. 3 things define man: work, sincerity and perseverance They actually melt in your mouth and there is no danger of drowning for the little ones. These baby cookies are tasty and healthy and they simply love them. They are recommended from 4 months and can even be added to baby milk (shake after adding them and the dosage is done according to preference)

Disaster at the North Pole! The glaciers are melting

4 things you should know before taking a loan. Dacă am fi foarte severi cu noi înșine și chiar brutali în a spune adevărul, am putea categorisi bunurile pe care le cumpărăm în bunuri de care avem nevoie și bunuri de care nu avem nevoie Mă cam topesc când îmi spune lucruri din astea!! Are ceva carți pe la îndemână acasă așa că a găsit recent o carte de-a mea cu rețete și îmi spune foarte serioasă: am treaba acum, Pune multe multe întrebări ce este asta , de ce , cum se face ,. De ce Dumnezeu ingaduie sa se intample unele lucruri rele? Depinde ce intelegi prin lucruri rele. Un copil mic ar zice despre un vaccin ca e un lucru rau, pentru ca il doare, si nu vede intreaga perspectiva. La fel e si cu noi, nu stim toate lucrurile, si pe unele le consideram a fi rele. Unele chiar sunt, asa cum au fost taieturile ce le-a facut chirurgul la degetul meu cind a fost facut. Perlele se topesc in otet. Pepsi Cola a fost denumita initial Bautura lui Brad (Brad's drink) Calitatea aerului din Cape Grim (Tasmania) este exceptional, fiind considerat a fi este cel mai curat aer din lume. Cascatul se ia mai repede intre oamenii care au relatii apropiate

Prietena Cristinei Ţopescu: Da, Cris intrase în depresie

Bine ați venit! Autentificați-vă in contul dvs. numele dvs de utilizator. parola dv Natura este un loc de joacă imens: Copiii it joacă cu tot ce găsesc. Ei adună cu plăcere bețe, pietre și alte lucruri peste care dau. it cațără în copaci, construiesc ceva din materialele găsite sau it joacă prin apă. Un picnic reușit nu este complet fără jocurile în aer liber, pe care copiii le îndrăgesc

De la ce se topesc picioarele ca lumânările? Doxologi

Uneori, plictiseala și nervii din trafic se topesc imediat când vezi ceva ieșit din comun. Tot felul de lucruri bizare se întâmplă pe stradă, trebuie doar să fii pe fază! Oricât de stresant, de enervant și de plictisitor ar fi, șofatul are părțile lui bune Volumul gheţurilor care se topesc în Groenlanda s-a dublat faţă de sfârşitul anilor 2000, iar, potrivit datelor transmise de satelitul european CryoSat, această regiune autonomă din Regatul Danemarcei pierde aproximativ 375 de kilometri cubi din calota ei glaciară în fiecare an 3 nutrienti care topesc grasimea de pe abdomen. A atras atentia cercetatorilor dupa ce a fost descoperita prezenta lui in vinul rosu. Exclusiv - beneficiati acum de Oferta Speciala de mai jos: 3 lucruri pe care nu le stiai despre apa Ni se spune si am spus-o si noi in nenumarate randuri: trebuie sa consumam apa zilnic pentru a fi.

De aici pleacă o grămadă de lucruri. La Paris, cântam ce aveam eu de cântat, cu grupul, și când rămâneam singur pe scenă, cântam d-astea, de ale noastre, îmi cântam focu' de țară. Că mi se făcea dor de țară și mi se făcea cam repede 10 lucruri pe care femeile le iubesc la un barbat. 1. Trupurile lor . Datrupurile lor. Acele trupuri parca sculptate, cu bicepsi si abdomene bine conturate care te fac sa lesini. Un fund ferm de care privirea noastra se desparte uneori atat de greu. Brate mari si puternice care ne fac sa ne simtim pe noi atat de mici si delicate Top 5 lucruri pentru o petrecere perfecta. Ori de cate ori este posibil imi place sa ma intalnesc cu prietenii. Indiferent daca apare o onomastica, un meci mai serios, se repara sau se strica ceva, nu pierdem nici un prilej sa facem o petrecere. La fiecare petrecere o planificam pe urmatoarea

Fie ca te pregatesti sa glazurezi o negresa sau vrei sa mananci cateva felii de banana trasa in ciocolata , inlocuieste smantana pentru gatit sau untul din lactate cu untul de cocos. Adauga 1 lingura de unt de cocos la fiecare 170 g ciocolata. Daca totusi glazura e prea groasa, mai adauga putin unt de cocos.

Una sau doua linguri de unt de cocos adaugat in smoothie-uri (bauturi deja sanatoase) iti scad colesterolul si contribuie la mentinerea nivelului de grasimi benefice organismului.

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O poveste frumoasa, un mesaj din inima, fotografii minunate si o reteta savuroasa… Ce ti-ai dori mai mult intr-o duminica dupa amiza? Ah, stiu, o portie de placinta delicioasa, te rog :) Felicitari, Codruta! Mi-a placut tare mult povestea de la gura sobei

Delicioaso, abia acum am descoperit mesajul tau… ooofff :(
merci de ganduri, esti o delicioasa, ca de obicei :) te pup

pfuai, exact asta era tema urmatorului meu post, placinte pe lespede din Ardeal, reteta mamei :) (btw, am trecut si eu pe la mama Luta, confirm ca placintele de acolo sunt bune, dar nu chiar ca cele facute de mama pe lespedea mstenita de la bunica :))

Florin, astept reteta mamei tale, sunt sigura ca merita incercata!
dupa cum ai vazut, nici eu nu am respectat reteta de la Mama Luta, am inlocuit laptele cu iaurt, drojdia cu maia si am micsorat cantitatea de ulei.
Posteaza reteta mamei tale si o probez deindata :)

Buna Codruta
Frumosa poveste si frumos mesajul.. De reteta ma apuc chiar acum iar maine, sper sa pot face un copil fericit.

Ce poveste frumoasa, spusa cu suflet. Bravo Codruta, esti un om cu o coloana vertebrala adevarata, ar trebui sa simtim toti ca tine.
Iar placinta arata minunat, am pus maiaua la crescut si de maine intru la treaba.

Am uitat sa te intreb, ai facut ceva cu panza?

cred ca maine o folosesc. Am un aluat la fermentat, daca e totul ok, incerc panza. :)

Buna Codruta… ultimele impresii – succes total
Am un sot si doi baieti. Au primit fiecare cite doua bucati placinta – botezate “Placintelul” si “Placintica”. Au spus ca sunt minunate si sa mai fac… Abia am mai salvat una pentru maine :)

Frumoase placinte, de poveste, nu alta. V e foarte norocos ca te are sa te ridici la inaltimea amintirilor cuiva e de nepretuit.
Sunt intr-o trilema: 1. daca le fac respectand reteta, salivam toti, mai putin copilu´(noi suntem in post, el nu) 2. sa le fac fara ou si fara iaurt, parca nu-mi vine, s-ar chema turte in tigaie (ca pe la noi in Muntenia) 3. sa nu le fac, iar nu-mi vine, ca am ramas cu imaginea lor pe retina.
Of, ispita, piei!!

Mali… cu tine in gand am scris povestea… si acum imi spui ca nu faci placintele. Pai treaba e asta? Crezi ca n-or fi bune fara ou? Eu zic ca-s bune. Sau… si acum watch me cum inventez on the fly o reteta: pui faina de seminte de in in loc de oua si lapte (sau iaurt) de soia in loc de iaurt. What do you say? Suna credibil (dar tine cont ca habar nu am cum e laptele de soia, iar seminte de in nu am folosit pe post de oua niciodata, insa stiu ca e un inlocuitor folosit de vegani)…?

Am zis io ca nu fac placintele. Never, never. doar ca ma gandesc la inlocuitori, laptele de soia iese din discutie ca nu ne place, cred ca incerc cu lapte de cocos/migdale. La seminte de in macinate ma gandeam si eu ca liant, da´nu stiu ce sa zic, o sa iasa cu totul altceva.
Oricum le fac in varianta ta, fii-miu e mare amator de placinte (saptamanal ii fac spanakopita), asa ca maine, le serveste calde.

PS´ aseara ma uitam la placintele tale si mancam pizza de post. Nu e drept!
PS´´ bag de seama ca sunt leat cu V.

mali, hai nu te plange, ca si pizza de post e buna. Secretul e in crusta, nu? daca pui rosii, dovlecei -sau- vinete, si ulei de masline si oregano-busuioc… nu mi se pare ca lipseste ceva :)
sa-mi zici ce reactie a avut pruncul :)

Am mai mancat prin partile Ardealului bunatati din astea si cam am o banuiala cum ar trebui sa iasa (am mancat unele umplute cu varza, ceva de vis!) dar… daca nu am maia? Cata drojdie se punea?

Jollyca, in locul tau as merge pe: 350g faina, oua 100g, iaurt 100g, sare 6g, ulei 20g󈻶g, drojdie instant dry 3-4g (sau proaspata cub 8-10g) si apa

50g. Uleiul il adaugi la sfarsit, iar apa o reglezi in asa fel incat sa nu fie un aluat moale, dar nici tare. Nu e un aluat complicat si nici pretentios. iaurtul si uleiul il fragezeste si il face sa se topeasca in gura. :)

multumesc pentru poveste, a mers direct la suflet. Voi face si aceasta reteta. Si mie imi place branza de burduf, mai ales cea matura, dar eu o cumpar de la targul de langa facultatea de stiinte agricole.In ultima vreme am facut ciabatte si multe fursecuri, iar ieri am facut un rand de cozonaci cu maia din Ghiocel, sa vad cum ies (de cand folosesc maia naturala nu am mai facut cozonac), au crescut pufosi si foarte gustosi.Le-a facut poze sotul si le va posta in seara asta, iar maine iti dau linkul unde ii poti vedea. Poate reusesti sa postezi o reteta pentru cozonac pana la Craciun.
Sa ne reauzim cu bine si spor la treaba!

Vali, salutari lui ghiocel :)
Nu promit cozonac inainte de Craciun, desi voi face si cozonaci si panettone si challah la sarbatori. Doar ca nu stiu daca voi avea timp sa ii fac de proba si poza inainte de Craciun, sau doar de Craciun.

oh, da, placintele lu’ mama dora si ale mamei. astea sunt. imi rascolesti amintirile.

Codruta, ce reteta folosesti pentru panettone?

corina, nu m-am decis inca. Sunt pe tfl cateva, si pe wild yeast. Inca nu le-am studiat :)

Thanks for google translate, that allows me to get a little glimpse on your story, so beautiful, from what I could understand…. I must have to learn Romanian just to read your blog in a better way! -)

seriously, though – I want to make this. I probably won’t be able to get to actually doing it until January, but if you don’t mind, when I’m ready to do it, I will ask you a few questions just to make sure the translation was up to par and I don’t make any silly mistakes

gorgeous photos, beautiful story….

Hi, Sally. Sorry about the bad translation, I read it too, and it’s awful.
I’f you want, I can translate for you the recipe and the instructions, and send you an email. I’d be very glad to do that.
Best wishes, codruta

oh, don t worry, I will get in touch with you as soon as I m ready to do it – with my attempt at translating it…. I actually love trying to figure it out, so it should be fun. But I will pass it by you before going ahead with it

Ok, Sally, I’ll wait to hear from you again. Have a nice week… and enjoy your ipad :)

si placinta si povestea sunt f speciale :)
asa pofta mi s-a facut de branza de burduf ….

eu am facut in we placintele de care-ti spuneam la teaser, fara ou si iaurt pt c-asa erau placintele din amintirile mele, adica un aluat de paine, cu un adaos de ulei, s-au umflat in tigaie (vag unsa cu ulei) ca lipiile tale la cuptor :) au fost delicioase.

am sa fac acum si varianta ta, la branza insa trebuie sa ma multumesc cu telemea de oaie.

Andreea… sa stii ca m-am gandit la tine cand am scris reteta, pentru ca stiam de la cineva din state ca nu gaseste branza de burduf. Mi se pare trist :(
Telemeaua de oaie probabil ca e mai sarata decat burduful, dar cred ca e un substitut bun. Poti combina telemea de oaie cu branza de vaci grasa si stoarsa.
Cand am folosit burduf napolact si la mine s-a umflat placinta in tigaie ca un balon, dar cand am intors-o pe partea cealalta am turtit-o cu paleta si am tinut-o apasat ca sa nu se mai umfle.
Delicioase si efemere.

Si uite asa, de la maia adunata in exces am ajuns in criza de maia! :)

Excelente placintelele! Multumim de reteta si de idee!
Am incercat sa le fac si eu subtiri ca si tine dar nu mai ajung doar reteta si ingredinetele, mai trebuie si indemanarea. Poate a veni si aceea cu timpul. (Desi experienta vine cu kilograme in plus. :( )

tuchi, :)))))))))))))
Ca sa iti iasa foarte subtiri, ingaduie-i aluatului sa se odihneasca intre intinderi. 2-3 minute de repaos fac minuni. cu cat il lucrezi mai mult, glutenul se intareste si se incapataneaza. Cum il lasi un pic sa se relaxeze, cum devine ascultator. :)

Buna Codruta, te astept cu drag la provocarea lunii decembrie “Dulce Romanie”. Intra sa vezi cu ce ingrediente te provoc

Am pus de placinte. De post, doar cu apa, si vor fi umplute cu varza calita. Sedinta foto, mai pe seara.

mali… lentils, cauliflower, spices, peas, potatoes, onions, cabbage, radish- astea sunt umpluturi de paratha. crezi ca merg si la placintele noastre? un fusion indiano-ardelenesc :))

why not? Am auzit eu vorbe cum ca prin ardeal se umplu placintele astea cu cartofi, varza calita, sfecla. E drept, n-am probat inca.

minunat! multumim de share! astept cu nerabdare weekendul, pana atunci nu cred sa am timp de placinte. daca se schimba ceva…anunt:-)

Ce frumoasa poveste, imi aminteste de FETITA CU CHIBRITURI.Poate a fost totusi un vis!

:) dana, uite ca te-ai gandit si tu la fetita cu chibriturile. Si prietenul meu a zis asta… :)

So,[email protected]/6466795263/in/photostream , din poza lipsesc 2 care au disparut rapid in ritm de arsh! arsh! arsh!
Am facut deja programarea pentru cele cu ou si iaurt, a 2-a zi de Craciun. Reteta dubla.

N-am mai avut scapare, azi am repetat probabil si maine, si poimaine, si…

:(( acum vezi in ce stare sunt si eu de cand le-am descoperit. Am aluat in frigider, non stop, cum se termina, cum fac altul. Tot astept sa se plictiseasca vlad de ele, dar vad ca nici o sansa…

soooooo… mali, WOW! arsh arsh :))
super super.
ps: cu varza?

da, tot cu varza, ptr. ca-mi ramasese de ieri (calita cu piper si apoi muuult marar verde), incearca si nu o sa-ti para rau.
Il cred pe Vlad al tau, ptr. si ca Vladutz al meu[email protected]/6472893197/in/photostream nu se mai satura. Maine vrea cu nutella.

:)) ce scump e vladutz. ce ochi frumosi are. sper ca nu ti l-am deochiat :) ia zburleste-i parul ala balai din partea-mi. Spune-i ca eu sunt fata cu placintele. sigur o sa ma iubeasca :)

of, frumoasa poveste, bune placinte! eu asa caut sa reconstruiesc o placinta ca la bunica, vedem daca imi iese ). ce Proust, ce madlene… placinta, asta e baza :D!

ciau zazuza. cand ai placinte te poti gandi si la madlene… dar fara placinte… au au… nasoala viata.
bunica ta era din apuseni? ca placintele astea se pare ca sunt de pe-acolo. Anyway, orice pretext ca sa le faci, e bun pretext. good appetite!

minunate, au iesit super bune, desi eu am folosit drojdie din magazin…eu cumpar f.des brinza de burduf facuta in Bistrita, la BECLEAN.Placintele sunt minunate si reci, ,pofta buna

Dana, ce ma bucur ca le-ai incercat si ca v-au plaut. Din pacate, branza de care spui tu nu se gaseste aici… :(
placinte reci inca nu am probat :)) nu le pot face asa de repede cum se mananca, nici o sansa sa se raceasca :))

Doamne, placinte cum facea bunica. Coapte in tigaia neagra fara ulei. Ce amintiri….
Cu prima ocazie voi incerca sa le fac. Poate asa o sa-mi potolesc dorul de bunica si de placintele ei.

Cosmina, ce dragut. Probabil ca o sa ti se faca si mai tare dor de bunica… asa e cu amintirile astea, ne coplesesc din te miri ce…

Faină tare povestea asta. Şi reţeta de plăcinte binevenită.
Mănânc de mic plăcinte coapte pe plită, pe placă de fontă sau în tigaie de fontă. Nu le suport pe cele prăjite şi îmbibate în ulei. Bunica din partea lui tata şi străbunica din partea mamei îmi făceau, dar apoi au trecut ani fără plăcinte.
Le încerc curând.

ciau Razvan. Nu stiu daca placintele astea iti vor aminti de cele batranesti, dar sper ca o sa iti placa, indifierent de amintiri.

Hi! Am reusit sa vad si eu pozele de la cozonaci si pot da adresa unde sunt postati.
Am facut o incercare, sa vad cum se comporta maiaua, pentru a avea succes de Craciun. Poate reusesti macar sa scrii o reteta pentru cozonac sau panettone pana vor fi gata si pozele. All the best!

ceau, Codruta.
sa-ti dea Dumnezeu sanatate si inspiratie. da, re-confirm, astea sunt placintele copilariei mele, din inima Ardealului. le-am facut de post (aluatul), umplut cu varza calita pt mine si cu branza pt baieti. sunt atat de bune, dar atat de bune, ……
l-am hranit pe Sash. sper ca se pune:)

teo, ma bucur tare mult. Pupa-l pe Sash, copil frumos. Va trebui sa o inveti pe nora sa faca placinte :))
Cand iesi din post, sa gusti si cu burduf.
Cu drag, C.

Am reusit aseara sa le fac. Din pacate nici o poza…au trecut ca si cand nu ar fi fost. Le-am facut cu burduf si cu varza. Pentru ca mi-a ramas varza, azi sau maine repet. In cantitate dubla, ca o singura portie e putin la familia noaatra mancacioasa:-)

:)) Andrea, stiu ce spui cu portia prea mica si cu disparitia placintelor. Imi spui te rog, daca ai folosit varza cruda sau calita. Vad ca unii din cititori ai folosit varza calita. Eu ma gandam sa e incerc cu varza cruda. Tu cum ai facut?

Eu am folosit varza cruda. Dar desi au fost bune, pe viitor voi cali varza inainte. Asa cruda, chiar lasata cu sare cateva ore, tot a ramas relativ tare si mi-a rupt aluatul mai mult. Maine repet cu varza calita, deja e pregatita cu cimbru, boia si piper in frigider:-)

ok, merci ca mi-ai spu. mi-e de folos, ca am si eu o varza in frigider si trebuie sa fac ceva cu ea.

Ce poveste frumoasaaaa… <3 Si incerc placintelele cat de curand. Imi ploua-n gura…
Si La Multi Ani . Iti doresc tot ce-i mai frumos pe lume ! Multi multi pupici, frumoasa mea ! <3<3<3

kiss you. esti plina de energie si voie buna :*

Te pup, Ana, esti energizanta :)

am revenit cu informatii:)
am facut placintele de post (IAR si IAR) umplute cu: varza calita, spanac si usturoi, rosii (rosii cherry, taiate bucati). ultimele au fost dementiale, cu un parfum via Italia ametitor.

multumesc si tinem legatura!

Teo, :))) pun pariu ca Italia e invidioasa :)) musai sa le incerc, numai sa vina sezonul de spanac si rosii.
merci de idei.

Buna,ce aparat folosesti pentru fotografierea preparatelor tale?

livi, am un Sony, dar nu stiu ce model e, oricum nu e un model nou. Pot afla detalii, daca vrei.

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[…] projects I had in mind for the near and not so near future. The first one I tackled was Codruta’s flatbreads, made with a sourdough base, and filled with cheese. One bite is all it takes to fall in love […]

I hope to make these flatbreads one day which are a fond memory of my childhood.

Hi Boleyn. I looked on your blog, and I was glad to find good food, comfort food from Romanian and Hungarian cuisine. Nice to meet you. if you make these flatbreads, let me know if you liked them.

Those flabreads look soooo good and extremely tempting!

Thank you, Rosa, thank you for leaving this nice message. If they tempt you enough to make them, please let me know what you think :)

deci, esti fenomenala:) si ca sa o tinem in povesti,a fost o data o fetita care si-a petrecut vacanta de vara la bunici acu vro 27 de ani:) siiii, a primit de la vecina o turta buna buna. pentru ca era fierbinte a scapat-o in nisip. era atat de buna ca a scuturat-o cat a putut si a mancat-o. vecina era cam batrana si bunica nu stia reteta asa ca eu am ramas cu dorul de a mai manca asa o turta…dar nu stia nimeni cum se face.multumesc, o fac acum,dupa ani de zile distanta de copilaria pe stradutele Begheiului Mic. te pup ah,le ziceau turce fripce)

Codruta, am testat si eu azi reteta de placinta cu branza de burduf. E o nebunie. Iar branza recomandata de tine, cea facuta de Unilact, imi aduce si mie aminte de copilarie. Pot sa afirm ca nu am mai mancat din copilarie asa o branza buna (de burduf). Am avut si un pic de noroc intrucat nu am gasit aceasta branza decat la Auchan si era ultima din raft…
Dar totul e bine cand se termina cu bine si azi, spre seara, am savurat in familie o placinta facuta dupa reteta ta. Thank you.

Sa vezi ce intamplare:sambata am fost la ghetarul Scarisoara si dupa un drum de 16 km pe jos prin zapada ne-am oprit cu niste prieteni pe care i-am cunoscut in excursie la un restaurant. Eram inghetati si uzi si obositi si abia asteptam sa gustam bunatatile pe care ni le tot laudasera.Erau din Cluj si imi tot spuneau cum vin oamenii 150 de km pana la Garda ca sa manance la “Mama Uta” si cum abia asteapta sa isi comande”placinta pe lespede” . Cand am vazut-o am recunoscut placinta din povestea ta si le-am spus si le-am spus si lor despre tine cu toate ca nu-mi aminteam detaliul cu locatia. Acum am cautat reteta de la tine ca sa le-o trimit si lor si citesc si vad ca intamplarea a fost la Scarisoara. Cred ca am gasit-o pe femeia din povestea lui V! :)

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UF , placinte cum numai in apuseni am mancat …dor de MAMA UTA …dor de Padis , ne trezeam dimineata cu placintele aburinde langa cort de la tanti Ana din Padis . Sper sa le fac baietilor mei si fetelor mele maine o surpriza ! Mersi pentru retete si painici si maia si ….

Ileana, ma bucur foarte mult ca te inspira blogul meu. Te astept in continuare cu impresii :) (sper ca nu te confund cu alta ileana, de aceea risc sa te intreb… ai facut painea de secara?)

Am reinventat placinta ta, dupa metoda: nu am timp, cum fac totusi placinta?
Acelasi aluat, umplutura de ceapa calita, de varza calita, de burduf (Bluedino de la Lidl e super in reteta asta), spanac si loboda crude cu mult usturoi si marar-preferata mea. Twist-ul e ca aluatul l-am impartit in 2, am intins fiecare bucata pe un bret de lemn uns cu ulei la dimensiunea tavii, o bucata jos, umplutura, a doua bucata. Copt fara prezenta mea in cuptor. Nebunie!!
Acum ca apare spanacul, loboda, salata, voi face …nu zilnic, dar in fiecare weekend!

ce interesant! as putea incerca doar de curiozitate :)
sper ca ideea ta sa ajunga si la altii, care fac cantitate mai mare sau nu au timp mult la dispozitie :D

Draguta mea, am incercat si eu placintele. Cel mai fericit a fost iubitul meu, care le cunoaste sub un alt nume (cocoace). Asta a fost prima mea experienta cu un aluat cu maia si iti marturisesc ca sunt fascinata de felul in care se lucreaza, de felul in care creste, de cum se umfla la copt, de gaurelele din interiorul rezultatului final (mi-au iesit mai groase si se vedeau bine alveolele din aluat). Imi doresc sa ma fi vazut! M-am bucurat ca un copil!

iar eu ma bucur citindu-ti mesajul, fiecare placinta facuta de tine, imi aduce si mie un zambet si o satisfactie. Paine, placinta, orice faci avand ca inspiratie blogul meu, te rog sa impartasesti cu mine.
Sa-ti iasa painile si sa ii bucuri pe cei din jur.

I used to love these when my mother made them with the trimmings from her home made cheese strudel dough. I wish so much that I could make this dough and cheese fry bread.

Le-am incercat, sotul meu are o placere deosebita pentru tot ce inseamna branza. Au iesit foooooarte bune, am framantat cu ulei de masline, imi place mai mult atunci cand folosesc umpluturi sarate. Imi imaginez ca cele cu maia sunt mult mai bune, dar a mea e inca micuta, mai are de crescut, asa ca le-am facut cu drojdie. Pentru prima data am vazut cum este un aluat cu glutenul bine dezvoltat, si mi-am dat seama ca niciodata nu am framantat eficient, acum acord o mai mare atentie detaliilor, cand framant. Mai am multe de invatat, colind blogul tau si cred ca am citit aproape toate posturile, pe unele chiar le-am recitit. Sunt foarte entuziasmata de noile descoperiri, si imi pare asa de rau ca soacra mea imi tot spune ca e pierdere de timp cu hranitul maielei…dar eu mai tare ma ambitionez, il am pe sot care ma incurajeza in tot ce fac. Nu am avut nici un copil caruia sa ii dau turta, caci le-am facut seara si s-au terminat, dar baietelul care se ascunde in sotul meu a fost foarte incantat.

Buna, Codruta! :) In cele din urma trebuia sa-ti scriu un mesaj, fiindca de cand am descoperit blogul tau, periodic vin sa citesc…Intai nici nu visam ca voi reusi sa fac vreodata maia (acum creste mandra si grasa, din 30 decembrie am pornit, cu niscaiva emotii, dar am reusiiit!!), iar acum, de cand am facut-o….nu ma mai pot opri din citit, imi „mananci” zilele fiindca asta fac in fiecare clipa libera, studiez retete :)) Si cum, ca tot incepatorul, mi-e mila de maia s-o arunca, am in frigider….deci alt motiv mai bun sa o folosesc nu cred ca este decat minunatiile astea de placinte. Maine dimineata la treaba, deci :D

Iar povestea, de fapt blogul tau de poveste, il face sa nu fie doar hrana…sau sa fie si hrana pentru suflet! Imi doresc sa te citesc pana ajungi bunica, aia de poveste,care-si incanta nepotii cu minunile din bucatarie!

Cum e cu aprobarea comentariilor, trebuie sa mai fac eu ceva? Vad un mesaj postat dupa al meu, care inca steapta moderare. M-am intors abia azi sa spun cum am nfulecat placintele. Mi-am incantat prietenele venite !! : D

Si, cel mai important, intre timp am facut o paine…tot cu maia reciclata :))) (1.2.3parca?! ) care s-a injumatatit intr-o ora, am mancat-o la ceas de seara cu omu…am scos de toate si am sfarsit mancand-o cu unt sa nu „alteram” gustul cu mancare :D (n-am avut ureche, abia am gadilat-o, cred, de frica sa nu-i fac ceva, dar gustul n-a avut de suferit…ma rog, n-am termen de comparatie, dar faptul ca la 10 noaptea mancaam amandoi paine aproape goala e suficient de graitor! )

Pentru maine am la dospit paine alba cu aditie de secara :)

Wonderful! Si mai minunat daca ficare da cate o placinat la indemnul tau, mare lucru! Eu sunt incepatoare, am o maia de 4 zile care e foarte activa, creste dublu in 12 ore. As putea s-o folosesc la aceste palcinte din a saptea zi? Cu branza Feta ar merge, ce zici? Iar iaurtul cum trebuie sa fie? Gros sau subtire? Abia astept sa le fac! Si cu varza calita, de post, imi inchipui ca ar fi o nebunie!

Povestea e superbă, rețeta la fel – felicitări.
Doar că, la mine, n-a fost așa de simplu cum sună în rețeta ta. Cred că a ieșit aluatul prea moale și, mai ales după a doua întindere, nu reușeam cu niciun chip să le mai desprind de farfurie. Să vedem mîine, cu seria a doua.

Am incercat si eu aseara placintele, puternic manata de pofta. Din pacate, nu au iesit asa cum speram deoarece mi-au crescut prea mult in tigaie.

La noi, in Bihor, placintele astea se fac tare subtirele, de jumate de cm grosime, iar ale mele cresteau vazand cu ochi, desi am incercat sa nu pun mult aluat. A strambat al meu din nas ca nu sunt ca ca “ale lu’ mama”, dar a mancat.

Stau sa ma gandesc daca oi fi gresit eu ceva cand le-am facut pentru ca pe langa faptul ca au crescut, se si cam rupeau la a doua intindere :(

Dragă Codruta, regret din tot sufletul pentru costita de mai sus dar am scris comentariul pe tabletă și a înlocuit cu de la ea putere una cu alta și a ieșit ce a ieșit.

Nu sunt prea priceputa la aluaturi, dar ma tenteaza sa incerc aceasta reteta, insa nu stiu ce inseamna maia. Cum adica maia cat de cat proaspata? Eu stiu ca maiaua se face din drojdie, in momentul cand te apuci de framantat. Poate sa ma lamureasca si pe mine cineva?

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Cui nu-i place o ciorba de cocos? Cine isi aduce aminte de ciorba de cocos pregatita de bunica cu drag cand mergeam in vacante? Printre retetele noastre se regasesc preparate cu cocos pentru toate gusturile, va invitam cu drag sa le pregatiti.

Cocos cu vin si ciuperci

Cocos cu vin si ciuperci din: cocos, slanina, vin, faina, pasta de rosii, ceapa, ciuperci, sare, piper. Ingrediente: 1 cocos maricel 200 g de slanina 1 pahar cu vin rosu 1 lingura de faina 2 linguri pasta de rosii 4 cepe zarzavat de supa 200 g ciuperci 40 de crutoane sare piper Mod de [&hellip]

Piept de cocos cu struguri

Piept de cocos cu struguri din: piept de cocos, cardamom, usturoi, ghimbir, garam masala, fulgi de ardei iute, sare, ulei de masline, struguri rosii, vin rosu, sare, piper, ulei de masline, cimbru, cuscus, seminte de rodie si coriandru. Ingrediente: 2/3 piept cocoș de munte 6 pastai cardamom, fara coji 2 catei de usturoi, zdrobit 3 [&hellip]

Carne de cocos condimentata

Carne de cocos condimentata din: cocosi, untură, ceapa, boia, supă de carne, smântână, făină, sare. Ingrediente: 2 cocoşi 100 g untură topită 2 cepe 1 linguriţă de boia 1/2 ceaşcă de supă de carne 15 g smântână acră 1/2 lingură de făină sare Mod de preparare: Se curăţă cocoşii, se trec prin flacără şi se taie în sferturi. Se [&hellip]

Piftie de cocos in varianta traditionala

Piftie de cocos in varianta traditionala din: cocos de casa, ceapa, sare, usturoi. Ingrediente: 1 cocoş de casă bătrân (sau găină bătrână) 2 cepe sare 17 câpâtânâ usturoi Mod de preparare: Piftia aceasta se face numai din cocoş bătrân (găină bătrână) de curte, cu carnea tare. In cazul în care găina sau cocoşul sunt [&hellip]

Supa de cocos cu tagliatelle

Supa de cocos cu tagliatelle din: tacamuri cocos, ceapa, morcovi, patrunjel, pastarnac, telina, tagliatelle, sare, piper. Ingrediente: tacâmuri cocos o ceapă 2 morcovi o rădăcină pătrunjel 1 rădăcină păstârnac o bucată mică telină o legătură pătrunjel verde sare piper 100 g tagliatelle din grâu dur Mod de preparare: Se pune la fiert doar carnea [&hellip]

Cum se prepara Fudulii de cocos la tigaie (VIDEO)

Fudulii de cocos la tigaie: Ingrediente: 500 g fudulii de cocoş 4-5 căţei de usturoi piper negru măcinat cimbru pătrunjel 200 ml vin alb ulei de măsline sare opţional: ardei iute, roşii cherry la servire Cum se prepara Fudulii de cocos la tigaie: Pofta buna! Poate te intereseaza si: Reteta zilei: Fudulii cu piper [&hellip]

Salata cu piept de cocos si legume

Salata cu piept de cocos si legume din: cocos, cartofi, morcovi, telina, castraveti, oua, ulei, mustar, zeama de lamaie, gogosari, sare, piper. Ingrediente: 1 piept de cocoş 4 cartofi 4 morcovi 1 ţelină mică 4 castraveţi la oţet Pentru maioneza: 1 gălbenuş crud 1 gălbenuş fiert 1 cană cu ulei muştar zeamă de lămâie Pentru [&hellip]

Bors de cocos cu ardei si fidea

Bors de cocos cu ardei si fidea din: cocoş, morcov, astarnac, ceapa, rădăcină de pătrunjel, telina, ardei fidea, sare, bors, pătrunjel verde, mărar, leuştean. Ingrediente: 1 cocoş 1 morcov 1 păstârnac 1 ceapă 1 rădăcină de pătrunjel 1 ţelină mică 1 ardei 50 g fidea sare 1 l borş proaspăt câte 1 legătură de pătrunjel verde, mărar [&hellip]

Carne de cocos cu ceapa si boia

Carne de cocos cu ceapa si boia din: cocosi tineri, untură topită, ceapa, boia, supă de carne, smântână acră, făină, sare. Ingrediente: 2 cocoşi tineri 100 g untură topită 2 cepe 1 linguriţă de boia 1/2 ceaşcă de supă de carne 15 g smântână acră 1/2 lingură de făină sare Mod de preparare: Se curăţă cocoşii, se trec prin flacără [&hellip]

Cocos cu vin rosu

Cocos cu vin rosu din: cocos, costita, arpagic, ciuperci, usturoi, zahar, vin rosu, cimbru, dafin, nucsoara, patrunjel. Ingrediente: 1 cocos 180 g costita 20-25 de capatani arpagic 200 g ciuperci 1 catel de usturoi o lingurita de zahar o sticla de vin rosu cimbru o foaie de dafin nucsoara patrunjel Mod de preparare: Se taie [&hellip]

Orez cu carne de cocoş

Orez cu carne de cocoş din: orez, copane de cocos, piept de cocos, ardei rgasi, morcovi, telina, ciuperci champignon, patrunjel verde, sare, piper, ulei, foaie de dafin. Ingrediente: 200 g orez copanele si piept de cocos 3 ardei grasi rosii 1 ceapa 2 morcovi 1/4 telina 400 g ciuperci champignon cateva fire de patrunjel verde [&hellip]

Cocos in vin cu bacon si ciuperci

Cocos in vin cu bacon si ciuperci din: cocos, vin rosu, bacon, ciuperci, supa de vita, coniac, ceapa, morcovi, usturoi, cimbru, foi de dafin,foi de patrunjel, piper boabe, faina, sare, piper macinat. Ingrediente: un cocos de 2,5-3 kg un litru de vin rosu 250 g bacon 250 g ciuperci albe 500 ml supa de vita [&hellip]

Cocos de munte rasol cu garnitura de varza de Bruxelles, taitei cu bureti, sunca si branza

Cocos de munte rasol cu garnitura de varza de Bruxelles, taitei cu bureti, sunca si branza Ingrediente: 1cocoş de munte 250 g tăiţei de casă 200 g bureţi 500 g şuncă 60 g caşcaval 150 g unt 400 g varză de Bruxelles 1 ceapă 2 rădăcini de pătrunjel sare piper boabe 30 g hrean 1 [&hellip]

Cocos de munte la cuptor cu garnitura de ficat prajit si pilaf cu bureti

Cocos de munte la cuptor cu garnitura de ficat prajit si pilaf cu bureti Ingrediente: 1 cocoş de munte 150 g grăsime 100 g unt 1/2 lingură făină 1 linguriţă boia 3 lnguri smantana 300 g ficat 300 g bureţi 200 g orez 2 cepe 1 ou pesmet sare 1/4 pahar oţet Mod de [&hellip]

Method of preparation

Deoarece carne de pasare de casa fierbe mai greu. Eu portionez cocos/gaina , spal carnea bine si o pun la fiert aproape 1 si 30 minute. Curat, spal si tai marunt usturoi. Pun ulei in cratita adaug usturoi si las 2 minute, adaug carne fiarta si amestec pana se rumeneste un pic carnea. Sting cu vin rosu. Adaug sucul de rosii si pasta de tomate, zeama ( in care am fiert carnea), sare, dafin, piper si cimbru si lasam sa fiarba pana scade sosul.

La servire se pune patrunjel tocat ( daca doriti, eu u pun pentru ca nu le place) Se serveste cu mamaliguta, cartofi prajiti si cu muraturi asortate.

Chicken ciulama with mushrooms

Cut the breast into cubes, season and lightly fry until it changes color. Separated

Poultry liver stew

Washed liver, put it in the fridge, in a bowl with milk for 30 '. Chop the onion, garlic

Prostiile pe care le mâncam în copilărie

Vorbeam zilele trecute cu colegele pe Skype și din vorbă în vorbă, am ajuns cumva la ce tâmpenii mâncam prin copilărie. N-am reușit să-mi aduc aminte decât trei, dar completez dacă-mi mai aduc aminte.

Cacao + zahăr + apă = Nutella

Dulciurile erau destul de rara avis, chiar dacă aveam o mătușă în Germania și Ceaușescu picase. Eram prin gimnaziu, singură acasă când mama mea era în schimbul doi și mi se făcea poftă de ceva dulce. N-aveam ciocolată și să mânc zahăr gol nu-mi plăcea. Dar am descoperit că dacă freci două lingurițe de cacao cu 2 de zahăr și pui un strop de apă, se face o pastă dulce, cu gust de ciocolată. Am mâncat de asta în prostie. Cam de fiecare dată când n-aveam nimic dulce prin preajmă.

Zahăr + helas

Pe lângă gustul dulce, îmi plăcea și încă-mi place cel dulce-acrișor. De unde lămâi la discreție pe vremea aia? Helasul era mereu în dulăpiorul cu condimente. Puneam zahăr, șprițuiam cu un pic de helas, cât să-l înece și yum, ce bun.

Gălbenuș de ou frecat cu zahăr

După cum se vede, nu lipsea zahărul din nici o rețetă proprie. Nu mai știu cine m-a învățat să fac asta, dar cert e că de multe ori am înlocuit „Nutella” cu gălbenuș de ou frecat cu zahăr. Îmi era destul de greu să-l separ de albuș, și nu-mi plăcea deloc să frec fundul cănii cu linguriță, dar mă sacrificam pentru gust.

„Trifoi” acrișor

Habar n-am cum îi spune buruienii în discuție, dar arată ca trifoiul, doar că e acrișor la gust. Cum îl găseam prin iarbă, cum îl mâncam. Și nu eram singura. Eu și cu prietenele mele zici că eram iezi la păscut, cu atâta plăcere îl mâncam. Nu vă închipuiți că stăteam în patru labe și mâncam ca iezii, ce naiba?, suntem bipede și avem degete opozabile. Îl rupeam și-l mâncam simadicos fir cu fir. Nici n-are rost să vă mai spun că nu-l spăla nimeni. Direct din natură. Later edit : Am elucidat misterul: o prietenă cu care pășteam și care a terminat Silvicultura, mi-a confirmat că e trifoi și nu măcriș, deși așa îi spuneam. Măcrișul arată așa, iar trifoiul nostru așa.

Mamele din ziua de azi, cred că ar face un mic atac de panică dacă și-ar vedea copiii mâncând așa ceva chiar și o singură dată. Ale noastre nici nu s-au sinchisit. Și n-a murit niciuna dintre noi. Bine, asta nu înseamnă că eu aș fi mai flexată.

Video: Kokosmand i Aftenshowet