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Lard steak

Lard steak

Cut the meat into suitable pieces, add in a cauldron or pot, add a good tablespoon of lard, spices to taste (we do not skimp otherwise the steak will not taste :)) 150 ml of water.

Cover with a lid and put on the right heat until the meat comes apart easily with a fork.

In the last 10 minutes we take the lid and let it brown on both sides and the water evaporates so as not to spoil our steak in the jar.

Remove the meat to a kitchen napkin.

In a pan fry a little sausage and muscle.

In the jars we place the meat. Sausages and the muscle, we add the white lard that we heat a little enough to become fluid.

Shake the jar to get the air out and sit well in the jar.

We close the jar and store it in the pantry.

The fat left over from frying the meat. We don't throw it away, we store it in a jar in the fridge and we will use it for other dishes (I use it for sarmale. Potato soup and other stews)

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